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Click Here for Larger Deerite Image in a New Browser Window Images: . Comments: Black bladed deerite crystals embedded in quartz and fibrous riebeckite.

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The Mn analogue is known as 'UM1987-19-SiO:FeHMgMnTi'.

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Deerite. (Fe2+,Mn2+)6(Fe3+,Al)3Si6O20(OH)5 c. ○2001 Mineral Data Publishing, . I. Deerite. Mineral. Mag., 43, 251{259. All rights reserved. No part of this.

I thing that is serendibite stone,am I right? - Mindat Mineralogy .

I agree that it is unquestionably glass slag, but what I find puzzling is that of all the minerals with a similar hardness to slag, you thought it might.